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2011 EU PUG Challenge Getting Started in the Cloud – 1020 Kb
A great introduction to using Amazon cloud services for companies not necessarily interested in the SaaS deployment model.

No More AIxcuses – 225 Kb
2011 PUG Challenge Americas Presentation on AI and the AI File Manager Daemon

2010 EU PUG Challenge Securing Your Swiss Cheese Encvironment – 1326 Kb
Tips for securing your OpenEdge Environment

2010 EU PUG Challenge Secure Communications with OE and SSL – 415 Kb
Gives a brief of overview of SSL in OpenEdge and explains how to implement secure ABL, JDBC and ODBC connections

Gus Award Sample Image – 14 Kb
This is the award presented to GUS a number of years ago for outstanding contribution to the PEG

Chiffrement SSL avec OpenEdge (Français)– 916 Kb
Comment chiffrer les connexions ABL, ODBC et JDBC avec SSL

Intro to Perf Tuning (English) – 807 Kb
An introduction to OpenEdge database performance tuning

Deploying OpenEdge in a Secure Environment – 132 Kb
White Paper: Deploying OpenEdge in a Secure Environment

How Do I Kill Thee? – 260 Kb
Deals with the age-old question of how to kill a shared-memory OpenEdge process on UNIX/Linux

OpenEdge and the AIX Operating System – 55 Kb
Some tips on optimising an OpenEdge installation on AIX - careful may be outdated

OpenEdge Management – Adding Value – 30 Kb

OpenEdge Management in the Real World – 701 Kb
This presentation describes how to best implement OpenEdge Management

Securing Your Swiss Cheese Environment – 1197 Kb
This article explains how to secure your OpenEdge environment from the outside in!

Progress OpenEdge Database Administration Worst Practices

Traps, Kills, "Hung" Users, "Runaways" And Other Psychos

Monitoring Your Progress Database's Performance

Tuning - mmax

Ensuring Business Continuity Case Stydy - 2010 MWUG – 434 Kb
A case study on a large QAD customer and how we set them up to ensure business continuity with Progress and QAD Applications.

Obsolete DBA Best Practices - Americas PUG Challenge 2013 – 266 Kb
A presentation where we take a look at various out-of-date DBA strategies along with their up-to-date recommended alternatives.

.NET UI Load Balancing and Clustering - MWUG Spring 2014 – 274 Kb
Load balancing and clustering stategies to use with QAD's .NET UI

QAD .NET UI Learn to Speak Error - MWUG Fall 2014 – 463 Kb
How to interpret and troubleshoot various error messages from QAD's .NET UI