Most tools/utilities have supporting documentation, and we are also available to answer your questions.


The following programs are provided without warranty or support. Pitchfork Solutions is not responsible for any loss as a result of use of these utilities. Please use common sense with our downloads, as with any downloads. We scan for viruses and try to provide useful code for your system, but you should start in a test environment and only move to your production environment once the code/utility has been thoroughly tested.


A personal debugger that you can use whether you have character or GUI. It allows you to insert your own code and perform a large variety of functions that aren't possible with the Progress debugger.


VST Dashboard

A starting point for building your own VST dashboard, this tool includes several useful metrics, and enough clear, documented code to help you monitor your system and build your own.



The best open source performance tool for Progress OpenEdge databases.
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Record Lock Scoping

Sometimes the most difficult thing to envision is the scope of a record. This code will help show you why the scope of the record is wider than you think.


Log-based Replication

This set of shell scripts allows you to replicate the contents of a database from one machine to another without the use of OpenEdge Replication. The utility takes AI files from one system and applies them to a second system. Many users use this as a form of rolling backup throughout the day. You can even backup the replicated copy rather than your production database through the use of the no recover option on Progress backup utility.


Training Course Synopses

This PDF file details the courses available through Pitchfork Solutions. All courses can be customized to meet your needs, so why not review the material and contact us to see how we can build a course to best suit your needs and the needs of your staff.