We bring a long history of experience in diverse environments, both within and outside Progress, and we have worked on almost every kind of business need imaginable. We have the confidence and know-how to implement according to your style and standards.

The classic stages of analysis, design, implementation, testing and migration are ones we've become expert at. We've written enough code to know that somebody's likely to actually want to look at it for examples, or even maintain it in the future. So we structure our code and include comments in it. Development is the backbone of any software company – and we like it that way.


When you need some expertise to implement a new feature, maybe you don’t want a training class or someone else to do it for you. Maybe you want to support and maintain it over time using your own expertise. We at PFS have just that mix of skills to assist you in implanting new capabilities, or bringing you up to speed on new features of Progress by supplying needs analysis, on-the-spot training, and a deep knowledge of the fundamentals of the language and development environment.


Performance headaches, lock table overflows, misbehaving AppServers, general malaise. A fresh eye can quickly spot the issue and solve the problem.

From experience, we know how to solve problems. We also know how to figure out what they are, where they came from, and how to prevent a recurrence in the future.