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Disaster Recovery

No one wants to go through disaster recovery.  But think how well you will sleep at night knowing you have a plan that is thoroughly tested and well-engineered.

Backups are simple to perform, but a full plan for protecting your system from unforeseen circumstances can be far more intricate than you might imagine. It isn't just about getting the gigabytes back in order. There are complex issues and vital steps to consider, such as phone lines for customer service, network redundancy, and security alarm access keys.

And when it comes to the system itself, we are expert at ensuring you have a personalized, all-inclusive plan to create backups, and to test, maintain and keep them accessible. Disaster recovery itself won't be a disaster for you.

System Monitoring

A planned outage is so organized compared to an emergency shutdown. It makes you look intelligent, and well-organized.

Our experience in system analytical tools, including OpenEdge Management, gives us the ability to make you look like a hero. We won't tell anyone that in fact, it's all in a day's work. Database growth, periodic maintenance, upgrades; we know the issues to look for and have the tools to help you find them.

After all, who wouldn't want to look like a hero?


From hot (or warm) spares, to real-time reporting systems, the benefits of replication are extensive and crucial in recovering your organization’s data and maintaining data integrity.

We know many ways to replicate your data and we can discuss options with you to establish the best plan for your peace of mind.