System and DB Administration

Our systems training is designed to empower you so that you may confidently repair your own system. Whatever your needs - from troubleshooting, using specific OS and Progress analytical tools, system maintenance, disaster recovery or just understanding the internals of the database - we will provide you with the expertise to anticipate and solve just about any system problem imaginable.

Database Administration & Tuning

DBA Essentials covers all the topics you need to administer OpenEdge databases.

The course details the OpenEdge RDBMS architecture, database administration tools, database creation, database sizing, start up and shut down procedures, share memory usage, recommendations on startup parameters, database backup and restore, using after-imaging for roll-forward recovery, tuning and dump and load.

Database Administration Advanced Subjects

In DBA, experienced DBAs can learn more about database sizing strategies, migrating to a new version, what measures to take to remedy corruption, virtual system tables, managing a clustered environment, enabling OpenEdge Auditing and enabling Transparent Data Encryption.


Progress SQL Essentials will provide you with a basic understanding of the processes involved in setting up and communicating with the SQL92 engine.

OpenEdge Replication

It could be your worst nightmare. A server overheats, starting a fire that consumes your computer room before the sprinkler system kicks in. You've lost facilities, hardware, network and data. Now what?

OpenEdge Replication can play a major part in your disaster recovery process, providing recovery of your data at a failover site. It addresses the need for continuous availability and minimal data loss with near zero latency.

OpenEdge Replication Essentials covers the creation of a Disaster Recovery Plan, procedures, and guidelines for installation and administration of OpenEdge Replication and OpenEdge Replication Plus on OpenEdge 10 & 11 databases and discusses various failover and failback strategies.

OpenEdge Auditing

OpenEdge Auditing will show you how to use the new OpenEdge auditing service first introduced in OpenEdge 10.1 to audit your OpenEdge ABL applications and OpenEdge RDBMS databases.

You will learn how to plan for an OpenEdge auditing implementation, how to define and configure audit policies to govern database, application and internal audit events, and deploy the policies in the production environment. You will also learn how to manage audit data and generate audit reports.

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