About Pitchfork

We believe in the adage that when you do what you love, all else will follow. And we do love what we do.

With a long history of working with application developers we feel unique in many ways. By working with Application Developers to foster an attitude of support, openness and cooperation, we have participated in the building of a world-wide infrastructure of friends who are also our business resources. The success of our business comes from our commitment to building positive relationships within these communities.

We have always been driven to provide “five star” quality in everything we do and are proud that people associate excellence with Pitchfork Solutions.

Our primary objective is to continue to build and support our relationships with application development organisations through delivery of best-of-breed technologies and solutions that support application developers with today’s challenges.

One of the most important principles of the company is the total commitment to the needs of our customers. This includes the ability to provide the necessary resources for any problem they may have, as well as the desire to stand by them until their requirements are met or their problems are solved. We are available at any time for any new issue or problem you may have.

The Pitchfork Solutions Team

Kim Davies

Kim Davies

Founder & Director
Operations & Strategy
Nigel Allen

Nigel Allen

Founder & Director

Maria Capria

Maria Capria

Executive Manager
Business Development

Why Pitchfork Solutions?

We're big enough to take care of your needs, but small enough to care

We provide advice and planning, followed by intensive preparation and benchmark testing. We focus 100% on the needs of our clients. We work continuously to find ways to help our clients thrive in a rapidly changing world. We ask ourselves questions. “How will this action affect our clients’ customers?” “Are they getting the most out of their application, Progress, disks and systems?” “What else can we be doing to save them time and money?”

We understand the challenges your customers face

Is your competition using the Internet to provide quicker service? Do you already own the technology but can¹t quite tweak it to get that nightly processing time reduced? Do your customers call, but no one seems to have a logical explanation for their problem? You need to find new ways to efficiently add value to the entire process. Efficiency is a must at a time when the cost of personnel continues to skyrocket and the cost of doing business continues to climb. We understand. We are your resource in achieving this goal.

We speak English, not techspeak

Frustrated trying to find practical answers to your technical questions? Turned off by the convoluted language bantered around? Tired of trying to turn the theoretical into something practical you can use? It is vital that technical concepts be communicated in ordinary terms. We will explain the latest technology in plain language – both written and oral, so you can make the right decisions.

We have walked in your shoes

We know the issues you face and have seen the marketplace become increasingly complex having served the application development community since 1985. Keeping this in mind, we make decisions based on data and review the outcome each and every time to see what we can learn. Our objective is to build on the voice of experience and practicality in every consultancy.

We won't put you to sleep

Our courses entertain as much as they educate.

We love what we do

We find the power of Information Technology fascinating and are proud to be a part of an industry that offers the opportunity to beat all other technologies. We wouldn’t do anything else.