Deployable is an automated service that allows you, through the use of Containerisation, to easily and simply deploy your software products to your customers.

Deployable allows you to dictate the exact version of the software that you want to use including all ancillary and supportive packages safe in the knowledge that the packages you install are going to be the correct ones your application needs. Going forward, it won’t matter what gets deployed to the customers machine next week, next month or even next year by the customer or another vendor.
By using Deployable’s containerisation, orchestration and deployment capabilities you can rest easy knowing that even if a “undocumented feature” in the release means that you have to roll back, the process itself will be painless and dependable.

Deployable is available as a stand-alone product or a complete managed service.

Key Features

  • Simplified Deployments
  • Reduced Manpower Requirements with corresponding cost reductions
  • Handles Patch, Minor and Major releases
  • Full rollback facilities
  • Can include all supporting technologies with the installation such as Openedge, .Net, Java, Web Servers, PASOE
  • Interfaces with multiple repositories (Roundtable, Git etc)
  • Supports multiple Operating System platforms
  • Full cloud support (AWS, Google, Azure etc)

Managed Service Benefits

  • Further reduction in manpower requirements (and therefore costs)
  • Reduced learning curve for staff
  • Reduced time to market
  • Reduced time to roll out updates